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.“The first one is, if that was how you kissed my lips while you were wearing copper, and this is how you kiss my loins when wearing silver, what kind of a kiss will you give me when you’re wearing your suit of gold?”He smiled slowly.Wickedly and yet warmly, too.“I think I’ll save that particular kiss for our wedding day.”Her breath caught and her heart felt like it stopped, if only for a moment.Leaning in close, he kissed her, restarting it.Wrapping her free arm around his ribs, Evanna kissed him back with everything she had.Not until she was flat on her back, panting with re-aroused passion and squirming with desire for more, did he release her lips.“And the other question?” Victor asked, barely remembering it in time.What he wanted to do was part her thighs with his own and finish introducing her to all the delights of researching passion.But her question was important to her, which made it important to him.“Hmm? Oh! Yes.The other question.You said if I joined you to live on board the Închiriat, you’d have to change its name.Why, and what to?” she asked, curious.“Well, Închiriat means Rented in Romanian,” he explained.“I own the ship sixty-forty with my cousin Ston.I’m the one who picks which cargos we will carry around the system, and I have the right to name it.But with you on board, you would own me, as well as being my most precious cargo on board.and that means it should be renamed Vandute.”Hands straying down to his buttocks, Evanna prompted, “And that word means.?”He leaned down and kissed her lips in a soft, brief salute.“Sold.”Snow White and the Seven DwarvesAuthor’s Note: Okay, I did it.I apologize, but yes, I deliberately lied to my readers and withheld information.I told everyone that I didn’t have any plans to revisit the Isle of Nightfall and its eight famous brothers; I did it to avoid people pestering me for “sneak peeks” at what I was writing next.But as you can see, I did have plans, muahahahaa! All right, technically this isn’t the Isle of Nightfall.but it does take place about half a year after the events at the end of the Sons of Destiny series.Don’t go looking for a lot of action from the Corvis boys and their wives, though; their story is done, and we have tales of new heroes and heroines to focus upon and explore.(I just wish I’d had more room than this to explore the city of Menomon and its culture!)THEY were at it again.Being unabashedly frothy.She could hear them through the balcony doors.Well, not all of them, Nevada acknowledged with a sigh.Dar-shem is asleep in the back bedroom because he’s on the night shift, and Rogen is late getting back from his work on the day shift at the desalinator site.but there go Cotter and Baubin.No, wait, those are Kristh and Talladen.Talladen always does that little wail thing whenever he realizes he’s getting loud.Mainly because it embarrasses him to think of anyone overhearing them.She grinned, thinking of her sixth husband.He was rather cute when he blushed.Actually, they were all reasonably good-looking.Unfortunately, she sighed, looking out over the stained glass waters of the city, they’re all besotted with each other.Not with me.The only man I know who I’m pretty sure likes me in that way.doesn’t even live in this city.Other women might give her arch, knowing looks and sly little winks whenever she went out from the house, but Nevada was envious of them.They had husbands who loved their wives.Nevada—on the advice of her “co-father” Sierran—had taken husbands who were only interested in one another.Because, “It wouldn’t do for the heir-presumptive of Althinac to marry for the wrong reasons, or to the wrong persons,” she thought, silently mocking her mentor.Even though I had to get married.Unlike the four lovebirds, paired off in two of the tenement’s handful of bedrooms, the author of that piece of advice was sound asleep in the overstuffed chair by the radiant block prominently placed in the center of the parlor.Life under the ocean meant living with perpetual dampness, and her mentor’s aging joints needed frequent doses of soothing heat.Nevada loved him all the same; Sierran had literally rescued her from death at the hands of the insurgents.His hands, for he had been the one assigned to kill her and bring her family’s rule to a resolute, final end.Instead of killing her, he had fled with her, escaping across the vast, treacherous waters in a stolen under-wave ship.He had told her that he couldn’t bring himself to kill an innocent young girl just because she had been born a Naccaran.He had also told her the facts of her family, how her next-mother’s greed and influence on her father had caused the city regent to impose increasingly harsh taxes on the people [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]